Protocols for Placing Orders

4243 Sunbeam Road Suite #2 Jacksonville FL 32257

All orders may be placed via Email, Phone or Text:

  • Email:
  • Office Phone: 904-907-5535
  • Text: 904-907-5535

Cut off times for Orders:

Orders shall be placed no later than 5:00pm for service requests for the following day. Orders that are placed after 5:00pm will be scheduled for the day after next. Should an emergency after hours request be required by Lessee then a $75.00 after hour’s fee will be applied to such invoice.

Movement & Storage of Containers:

If lessee requires containers to be moved on-site, transportation fee shall be applied of $75.00 per container

Rental period includes 15 days. The cost to extend your rental past 15 days is $65.00 per week.


Should Lessee request order Pick up / Swap and the container is not ready at time of arrival then a $75.00 return trip fee will be applied to such invoice

Protocols for Debris Loading:

Debris shall be contained within the container walls. Should ORS operator require to clean up debris in or around container in order to safely pick or haul container per DOT regulations then a $50.00 compliance service fee will be applied to such invoice.

Non-Acceptable Materials without Notice:

The below material list are items that are not accepted in standard Landfills and require special attention for proper disposal per EPA regulations. ORS is subject to fines for materials that do not comply with standard Landfill protocol. Upon request, ORS will provide a separate container for disposal of such non-compliant items, the disposal fee for such items will be presented to client at time of request. Should ORS not be notified of such materials being placed in container then a $75.00 trip charge plus additional 20% of disposal cost will be applied to invoice for the redistribution of non-compliant materials to their proper location per EPA regulation:

Asbestos materials Illegal Contraband

Appliances Mattresses

Automotive Tires

Furniture Paint

Hazardous Chemicals Yard Debris

House Hold Debris

Placement of Containers:

Lessee shall provide ORS with the proper and secure location to place container. City right away / Road placement of container will not be allowed without presentation of Right away permit.

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